In this service, our communication is going to be 100% online. So it doesn’t matter where you are, we can help you style your dream home from afar. The best flow for a complete journey is Render Package > Moodboard Package > Video Styling. If you’re getting those three services at the same time, the bundle price is 420 AUD (4.200.000 IDR) without cabinetry drawings and 520 AUD (5.200.000 IDR) with cabinetry drawings. 

This service only available for a space that already have furniture and decorative items. We will guide you to style your space in real-time via video call. 

In this service, we will curate furniture and accessories based on your preferred style. We’re also providing a very detail shopping list where you can buy the items yourself. The positioning of big furniture will be provided on the styling guide.

This service helps visualise your room in 3D. If you want to add some custom cabinetry and also positioning of your furniture and appliances, this is the right service for you. Cabinetry shop drawings is also available if you need it.