A visually-nice home can create a better ambience and make it more comfortable for people to live in. In this service, we will see your space, get to know you and everything about your needs & wants to make your dream home come true. We will help you to curate furniture, home decor and style your space once you have all of the shopping items ready.

This service is available in Greater Melbourne Area (Australia) only and occasionally in another part of the state or country. All of our team members already triple vaccinated.

from 270 AUD

What do we cover?

  • Site visit (incl. measuring the space)
  • Consultation (in-person/phone/video call)
  • Colour Consultation
  • Decluttering Advice
  • Moodboard (1x revision)
  • Shopping List
  • Chat availability (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm)
  • Unlock access to 50+ brands with competitive price
  • Order products for you with no additional fee
  • Shopping together (+ $60/hour)
  • Styling Day (You can book a styling day once your items arrive)
  • Furniture Installer, Weekend only (+120 AUD)
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